Connect and stay in contact

21 March 2020

Hello society!

Connect and stay in contact

I'm Peter Joziasse and one of the founders of the communication platform I'm using my free iYYU-account to create a privacy aware profile. This is my new modern online business card. I see my personal profile on as complementary to other profiling-tools. If people want to know more about me and if they want to interact directly, I give them the possibility to connect with me on Connect and stay in contact!

As a professional my ambition is to centralize all my online interactions with my professional relations. In this case my iYYU-account is a privacy aware alternative for other direct messaging tools. With the help of I created a communication space for my own holding Personally Next. In a few clicks I have a new home for all my connections. From now on they have access to my working life. A communication space on gives me the possibility to have a more rich conversation. I see as a privacy aware and modern alternative for other website-tools.  

Besides my own communication space I can create now subscriptions for all my invited members. I’m differentiating my subscriptions towards special groups with different interests. In this case is an alternative for other e-mail-tools. It is very importing for me to sent and receive less e-mails anymore. My members will receive a notification (invitation) to log on to my space. There they can read the content and or interact with me or with special groups. 

So connect with me, become a member of Personally Next, choose your subscriptions and start to interact with me! And off course you can use your own account to do the same like me. Please share your experiences with me. At iYYU we are working hard to give the world the best tool for external communication.

Connect and Stay in contact! 

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